There are no audition requirements to join the orchestra, however, participation is limited by performance and rehearsal space as well as artistic balance as determined by our conductor and concertmaster.

Any new prospective member should understand that there is an emphasis on performing each work as well as we can.

Members are expected to prepare for each rehearsal and attend a pre-determined number of rehearsals for each concert (of which the two prior to the TGIF concert are mandatory), as well as the dress rehearsal and the performance.

Whenever possible we use soloists from within the orchestra. Seating rotates at the discretion of the Concertmaster.

Dues are $10 per session (rehearsal or performance) which compensates the conductor through an un-monitored “passed hat.”

Rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 at First Presbyterian Church, downtown Santa Fe.

For more information or to request that you be included in our orchestra member’s e-mail list contact Lance Armer at 505-660-2335 or